Singing to Success by Deborah Torres Patel

Singing To Success - Deborah Torres PatelSinging to Success DVD is a breakdown of a popular seminar held by Deborah Torres Patel who shows viewers that singing is not an inborn talent rather one that is mastered through practice and passion. Its more than just impressing people and playing the karaoke better.

Most important is the confidence boost it can provide and the dramatic improvement your voice gains so as to give you the edge in presentations and business communications. However, Singing To Success does not detract from its title and ultimately helps you sing better.

Who Is Deborah Torres Patel?

Deborah Torres PatelFeaturing as an expert trainer in “Villa Wellness” on Singapore Channel 5, Deborah Torres Patel is Asia’s best recognized Voice and Presentation Coach. Other than this reality program she also guest stars on, “Spirit of Service”. She began her career at the age of 4 by singing, dancing and acting having shared the limelight with Whitney Houston, Kool & the Gang, Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Sammy Davis Junior, Milton Berle and Legendary Platters.

Deborah received her education at Boston Conservatory of Music and Carnegie Mellon University in USA and has degrees in Dance, Voice and Drama. She had a short teaching stint at UCLA, NUS, NTU, Los Angeles Unified School District and few other colleges. For the past 26 years, she has been actively working in over 66 countries mentoring personal as well as professional clients on how to sing, speak and communicate better. Increasing self confidence and allowing her clients to improve self expression is what she aims in all her programs and seminars.

 Who Will Benefit From Singing To Success?

If you are looking for a voice coach who can give you a much required edge in your voice modulation, range increment and pitch control without having to spend money on personal tutoring then Singing To Success if designed just for you.Through this DVD seminar you shall learn the following.

  • Singing with joy and higher confidence.
  • Improving your natural charisma and captivating the audience just with your natural voice.
  • Music as the magical tool for professional and personal transformation.
  • Simple singing tricks.
  • Gesturing and its authentic power of rapture.
  • Shower singing as an excellent step up to success on the grand stage.


Those who have never even given thought to their voice will find Singing To Success very revealing as Deborah not only introduces singing concepts and ideas but also stresses on the importance of having a soothing voice in one’s work life.

A Special Reason to Get Singing to Success DVD

Singing To Success - Deborah Torres PatelDeborah Torres Patel’s workshop fees range from $1,997 to several thousand dollars. Singing to Success DVD provides almost the same content than that of in the “live” workshops, but is only $147.

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