Singing Success by Brett Manning

Singing SuccessSinging Success is a comprehensive training program that will eventually transform the way you sing. This is the claim of its author, Brett Manning. Not only does he promise a better, stronger and healthier voice but also gives you a commercial sound that should get you well noticed. Using this program, students should be able to produce a full octave at a higher pitch and tone in the first week itself. The program will offer a total of 12 CDs, a workbook and a DVD. Each CD offers something different to develop your voice and create a sound unique among all others.

Who Is Brett Manning?

Brett ManningBrett is no average instructor he understands how one’s voice interacts with their physiology and their character. His ears are so tuned to the way vocal cords interact that he can tell you exactly what they are doing. Where your breath comes from, how your vocal output is determined on the basis of your weaknesses and strengths are all easy work for his ears. Not only does he excruciatingly find out minute issues in your voice but also provides exercises and solutions to correct them.

Brett Manning has a prolific profile having helped some of the biggest names in the music industry. He has helped many singers on the big stage allowing them to gain better flexibility, higher range and more confidence in their vocal prowess. Using his talent, he tries to bring improvement in common folks with this 12 CD singing program.

Who Can Benefit From Singing Success?

Those who are looking at changing the way their voice sounds, those who want to improve control over their vocal cords should find the Singing Success program very helpful. Brett Manning introduces in the Singing Success program his intentions of reducing effort but expanding one’s vocal range as he believes this is the way to harness the power of one’s voice.

Such a program shall assure you the ability to hold higher octaves and still find enough breath left afterwards to push in smaller octaves.

The use of Brett’s technique as shown in Singing Success, will allow you to increase your range and reduce the strain on your throat. You will be introduced to newer techniques and gain a lot of control over the soft palate thus increasing your range farther than ever before. Once you gain the ability to use the technique used in this program you will learn to use your voice correctly.

The Positives Of Singing Success

Singing Success

  • Its comprehensive and simple to follow.
  • Meant for home users who cannot afford personal lessons with Brett.
  • Highly informative and step by step guidance.
  • 12 CDs introduce concepts that few are aware of.
  • Many tracks to practice with.


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