Secrets to How to Sing High Notes

The best singers are those who have a complete repertoire of tone, pitch and a lot of loudness in their voice. However, this also implies that they should be capable of hitting the high notes with the utmost of ease. In fact, many of the widely acclaimed vocalists are very adept at conquering such high octave notes. If you are lagging behind in this compartment of singing and wish to improve your voice quality then here is how to sing high notes with ease.


Breath Correctly And Get Higher Notes

Singing has got everything to do with proper breathing. Every time you sing, you are effectively expelling a lot of air. The way you breath air in and out therefore governs the physics of your voice. Start hitting high notes with more air in your lungs. For this use the diaphragm and take deeper breaths instead of just relying on your lungs. This requires you to sit or stand erect so that the stomach is free to rise up pushing the diaphragm into the chest. Mastering this technique will effectively allow you to expel air in very quick and short breaths. Just make sure that the force behind your voice comes from the diaphragm and not your lungs alone.

Warm Up Properly

Singing is all about working out the vocal cords. These are muscles in the back of your throat and just as any muscle of the body needs warming up before putting it through rigorous exercise, so does your vocal cords. To warm up the cords start humming lightly to a familiar song at the lowest of notes possible. Then slowly start hitting higher and higher notes until you reach the highest note. Repeat this exercise again and pay closer attention to the tone and resonance the next time around.

Scale Upwards

A great practice routine to inculcate the habit of sudden high notes is to begin with any middle note and then scale upwards from there. This exercise requires that you continuously change the scale from low to high. It works the vocal cords to its limits and teaches you more about voice modification. The moment you start hitting higher notes, experiment with different vowel sounds to find your unique voice. This is important as everyone sings differently so mastering the high notes with higher vowel sounds will allow you to sing in your own unique style.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the end it is all about practice. Your high notes will become your crowning glory whenever you sing in front of an audience. Hence, work harder and practice longer so that you are able to strain your vocal cords to the limit. However, do not let your throat sore up otherwise it shall produce discomfort that can exaggerate over time. This can happen if one does not practice a technique correctly or if they push themselves to their limits.

Always remember that you cannot suddenly start hitting higher octaves overnight so take your time and keep practicing.

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